A little bit about WB 13 CREATIONS:

Join me on my sober AF journey through life...

help make my dreams come true...


On 2/22/22 my life started changing very drastically at a speed I could barley comprehend. I chose to break the chains from alcohol that day.  Life started hitting on so many levels.  Just a few days after I made the best life altering decision of my life the man that raised me asked me to take him to the hospital.  His health took many turns and each one was for the worse.  He kept up his fight until 8/16/22. I know he is watching down on me and I know he is proud that I am stoping all the talk about WB 13 and finally doing the damn thing.   During this time I was helping take care of both him and my mom and working a full time job.  Doing all of this I was still able to have plenty of time that I could crochet or dabble around into some of the other crafts I like to play with.  I am  7 1/2 months sober and still can't believe that I used to have the same 24hrs that I have now.  

Fast forward till now...  My job that I loved waiting tables at the Snack Bar came to a really sad end after 75yrs.  I have been praying for God to open more time that I could learn how to sale the items that I spend my time making.  Didn't think that's how my extra time .  I know that some WAY higher than me opened this door at the most perfect time in my life right now.  I have the opportunity to spend time with my mom, work on projects that I've been wanting to do, and the fun part learning how to stop talking and just do the damn thing.  This is where I am going to ask for everyones patience as I learn how to navigate social media and learning how to sell all the projects that I make.

Here's to the man the man, the myth, the legend, the man that raised me that others knew as Paul but I knew as my dad.  I know you are looking down cheering me on.  

Now to what I have to offer:

  • wreaths

  • seasonal decorations

  • beanies     

  • scarfs

  • pockets shawls

  • pillows

  • throws

  • lovies 

  • ear warmers