Get everything you need to transform your home into a work of art. Find wood burned items, gnomes, wreaths, and more.

Have an idea?? Lets chat a bit!!

Nothing excites me more than customizing one of my creations!! Lets chat and create your one of a kind custom creation!!

  • “Gnome”man’s Land

    Welcome to gnome mans land!! I find gnomes to be just simply... adorable. New gnomes will be appearing every season so check back often to see new extra adorable gnomes. As always have an idea? Lets make it happen!!!


    Earrings are great way to show off some holiday love. I get excited for holidays, so I can add a 'lil festive spirits with my earrings.

    You have to earrings for every day wear too. Check out the rest of the earrings I created.

  • Lets talk custom order!!

    In case you haven't noticed I'm kinda big on pushing have it your way custom orders.

    Of course all my smaller creations (gnomes, colors of beanies, earrings, etc.) I can add in the flair you want but I also do BIG custom pieces as well.

    Check out my custom creation for a friend of mine. Her daughter is not only beautiful but graduated from TWO great colleges. It was such an honor to be trusted with a creation of that level.

    All custom orders require a deposit. Sorry guys, I just can't risk being stuck with a creation I can't sale.

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Custom Order Blanket

  • Thank you for shopping my creations!!

    Just want to thank you for coming in and checking out my creations. I love to create new things so make sure that you come back real soon!!! Look forward to seeing you again!!